I’m glad you could stop by.  Wont you come in and have a seat? I got bottled water in the fridge, Yoohoo in the can and frozen White Castle cheeseburgers. I barely use the television set honestly but you’re more than welcome to if you want. I got quite the collection of books for your reading pleasures, something for everybody.

Up there (yes right where you’re looking ) you’ll observe a few different channels that you can choose from. One for reviews, it’s in the middle I think unless it’s shifted.  I read alot of books, mostly horror and speculative fiction — though I do have quite the soft spot for many of the classics.  I’ll read anything if it’s good. And when I review something this is mostly likely where you’ll locate it.

Tales front-lines this here locomotive (though it does seem like it should follow the caboose). If you’re ever so curious as to take a peek I think you’ll be please with what i’ve arranged. I hope you’ll find what i’ve left here entertaining. And if you choose to spend more than a while here there’s a port-a-potty at the East corner. I try to clean it out daily with vinegar and industrial-strength bleach.

I do think that’s about it. As far as where you’re standing please understand that if a man’s home is his castle than a man’s blog is his inner chamber. You can call me S.T. and i’ll be your guide.  I was born and raised on this here land and if the present is any indicator than i’ll  likely die here and come back as as a pecan tree.



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  1. thinkinkadia says:

    I do believe some of us are always under construction😉
    I salute the perfect ones.

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