Reviews: The Servants of Twilight, written by Dean Koontz


Servants of Twilight, written by Dean Koontz, is a classic about the plight of a young mother and her son. Christine Scavello was raised, for most of her life, to be part of the church, yet like many of us, it grew old and unfulfilling. When she left the dreams of her mother, and found her sense of self industry, she started a business, bought a home, and had a child.

On one afternoon though, during a happy frolic to the mall, she was approached by a woman, Grace Spivey, the head of the Church of Twilight. What started off as casual chat between an old eccentric woman and Christine’s son made a turn for the worst as Spivey declared to “Know who he is.”

And so begins the chase, cat and mouse through the city — and the state – through rain, sleet and snow. Grace is in pursuit; she’s found the Antichrist and it’s her duty from God, to find him, to destroy him.

Servants of Twilight is a thriller that shuns the idea of monsters, replacing them instead, with the power of human conviction. The Church of Twilight is massive, with converts throughout the city – prepared to sacrifice anything and everything to please their God.

To the reader who’s encountered the caustic tongue of a religious zealot, the characterization of Grace Spivey is plain unnerving. Her persistence, unyielding from the moment she’s introduced adds to the feelings of hopelessness and unrest that flood the story.

The delivery holds well, given this is one of Dean Koontz’s earlier titles; it may be bothersome, grammatically, to seasoned readers. The story though is entrenching, not to be detracted from the prose and up through the end, is highly enjoyable.

Koontz crafts a dark, dread-inducing story that turns its own pages with horrific twists and turns; and by the end you may just think twice about approaching that fanatic holding a sign. After this read, I’m not sure I’d blame you.


Final Rating: 3.5/5

About The Author: S.T. King is an aspiring novelist with a ravenous appetite for the dark, and an insatiable thirst for the ink of the fantastique. Currently he’s a mental health counselor, helping people purge the skeletons from their closets – though admittedly, he thinks it’s more fun putting them back


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